Our Medical Director, Dr. Ambica Soni, is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician.
Dr. Soni provides quality care to Polk County Residents for the entire family. We accept
patients of all ages including newborns to seniors. Our services include:

• Acute care of childhood and adult illnesses and injuries (non-emergent)
• Behavioral health problems (e.g. anxiety, depression)
• Cardiovascular disorders (e.g. high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, etc.)
• Care of skin disorders (e.g. rashes, acne, eczema, biopsy of suspicious lesions etc)
• Children/Adolescent Exams, including School/sport/camp physicals
• Chronic disease mgmt (i.e. cholesterol/ high blood pressure)
• Diabetes Management
• Ear Irrigation
• Ear, Nose and Throat disorders (e.g. allergies, sinus problems, ear infections, etc)
• Endocrine disorders (e.g. diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, lipids, etc.)
• Family planning/ Contraception mgmt (OCPs, Nuvaring, Depo)
• Gastrointestinal disorders (e.g. esophageal reflux, constipation, diverticulosis, etc)
• Ganglionic Cysts Treatment (Bible Cysts)
• Genitourinary disorders (e.g. urinary tract infections, genital infections, etc)
• Headache disorders
• Joint Injections (e.g arthritis pain)
• Men’s health care (e.g. cardiac risk assessment, erectile dysfunction)
• Pap Smears
• Physical Examinations- Adult, Seniors and Children
• Procedures: EKG, pulmonary function testing, minor skin procedures
• Pulmonary disorders (e.g. emphysema, asthma, pulmonary function testing)
• Skin Tag Removals
• Sports/non-sport injuries and joint problems (e.g. arthritis, joint/back pain, etc)
• STD screening/treatment
• Travel Medicine (medical planning, immunizations, medicines)
• Vaccinations/Immunizations (Newborn, Infants, Children, Adults and Seniors)
• Well Newborn and Child Care
• Well Woman’s Health Care(PAP smears, cardiovascular health, health maintenance)


•Refills: Call your pharmacy first for refills, even if your prescription says that there are no refills. Your
pharmacy will contact us if a refill is possible. Existing prescriptions are normally completed within
two (2) business days of receipt of request. You may need to schedule an appointment with us prior to
receiving the refill.
•Refill of controlled drugs: Controlled drug prescription (narcotics, sedatives) refills is limited to those
initially written at Soni Family Practice until we review copies of your needs and prior medical records.
Formal, written and signed medication plans may be required for ongoing controlled drug use. New patients should bring old records of your prescription to your first appointment. Narcotics/controlled substances will not be filled over the phone, appointments are required for refills.  Drug screenings may be conducted randomly on patients on controlled medications.

*We accept most insurance plans. Please contact our office for verification of benefits*

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